On the fence about switching to pet artificial grass in Stockton? That’s completely understandable. Turf requires an upfront investment, and since it lasts for up to 15 years or more, you’ll be living with it for a long time.

While artificial grass installation is a big decision, it’s also one that many pet owners regret not making soon enough. Here are three of the strongest indicators that it’s time to make the switch.

3 Signs Your Yard Needs Artificial Grass for Dogs

A lot of people dream of having a beautiful yard, but few are ready for how difficult it is to achieve that. When you have a natural lawn, you can never stop watering, weeding, mowing or treating it with chemicals if you don’t want an overgrown, patchy mess on your hands.

Dogs make the task even harder. Their urine kills grass. Running around creates bare patches and unsightly paths on your yard. All that digging means dangerous and ugly holes all over your lawn. And that’s just the start. Below are more signs it’s time for artificial turf installation in Stockton:

Your dog keeps tracking mud all over your house and lawn

Natural lawns quickly turn muddy with even the lightest rain. It can be a nightmare when you have pets that drag mud and bacteria all over the yard, your floors and furniture.

This becomes a thing of the past with artificial grass. Turf’s fantastic drainage system can drain gallons of water a minute. There’s no dirt, which means no mud no matter how hard it rains. Play with your dog under the rain without worrying about puddles, and enjoy a yard that dries fast when the sun comes out!

Your dog has grass allergies

Grass is one of the most common allergens, and humans are not the only ones affected by it. It can trigger allergy symptoms like itchy skin, swollen paws, constant licking, inflamed throat and scabbed skin in dogs too.

Not only are these uncomfortable and painful for dogs, but it can be life-threatening as well. The most effective way to mitigate this risk is synthetic grass in Stockton. It doesn’t produce pollen – the element that triggers allergies – while still providing a soft, lush surface for your dog to play on.

Your dog keeps getting infested by fleas and ticks

Natural lawns have everything that fleas and ticks need to thrive – shady shelter, nutrients and moist breeding grounds.

Once you have an infestation in your yard, it’s almost impossible to eradicate without extreme measures like saturating your lawn with pesticides. Worse, infested dogs can bring them into your home too.

Artificial grass wipes out flea and tick populations in your backyard. Since it’s not alive, there’s no sustenance for these pests. The excellent drainage system removes all puddles and moist surfaces.

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