Dogs need plenty of exercise to stay active and healthy. Covering your backyard with the best artificial grass for dogs in Stockton is a great step in this direction. It drains well, is tough enough for hours of play and is equally beautiful as real grass.

However, it takes more than just sending your pooch out the door and hoping for the best to keep them busy and engaged. Enrich your pet’s outdoor time by adding these exciting features to your synthetic lawn!

4 Awesome Ideas for a More Engaging Backyard for Dogs

It can be hard to keep your dog content if their limited to the same activities day after day. By taking a little time to add some creative lawn amenities, you can keep your pup happy and upgrade your yard at the same time! Get inspired with these ideas:

1. Install cool water features.

Got a water-loving dog? Let them splash around and swim to their heart’s content by installing a water feature on your lawn! Swimming is excellent for a dog’s joint health, and it allows them to stay cool and hydrated on hot days.

Premium artificial grass in Stockton is ideal for splash pads, narrow lap pools and small streams. Its permeable layer efficiently drains excess water. It’s also safer for feisty canines since its surface doesn’t get slippery when wet. Maintain your lawn’s looks by selecting water feature designs and materials that go with your theme.

2. Give your digger a sandbox.

Dogs absolutely love to dig! Unfortunately, this can leave dangerous holes and unsightly dips in a natural lawn. Rest assured that even the most determined diggers won’t be able to damage artificial grass. Why not go a step further and turn their digging skills into a full-fledged activity? Satisfy your dog’s burying instinct by incorporating a sandpit into the turf design!

3. Add some agility equipment.

Challenge your dog’s thinking skills by adding some agility equipment to your lawn. Build a maze with plywood panels or use old tires for the obstacle course. You can also buy ready-made equipment such as climbing frames, weave poles and tunnels. Don’t worry about your lawn; the best artificial grass for dogs in Stockton can withstand the weight of equipment without losing its bounce or shape.

4. Expand their view with a window.

Let your dog explore sights and sounds without leaving the safety of your yard by integrating windows into your fence! Include a large flat rock or other designated sitting spots so that they can spend some time just relaxing and observing their surroundings. Your synthetic turf installers can easily cut artificial grass to fit along fences, gates or around uniquely shaped lawn décor.

Artificial Grass: An Outdoor Fun Space for the Whole Family!

Don’t let your dogs have all the fun. Enjoy endless good times with outdoor dining areas, children’s playgrounds, game courts and putting greens in Stockton! As the leading installer in the area, Stockton Artificial Grass can help you turn your dream lawn designs into reality. Call us at 408-723-4954 today for inquiries!