Covering your lawn with green synthetic grass in Stockton is a significant investment, so there should be no room for errors. Some homeowners consider DIY installation to lower their costs, but this may result in costly mistakes. Relying on professionals to install your synthetic turf is the smarter option because their skills and experiences ensure that everything goes according to plan.

5 Ways Artificial Turf Experts Ensure Quality Installation

Artificial grass can offer an amazing yard experience depending on the quality of the installation. Properly fitted turf leads to a safe, beautiful and long-lasting lawn. Professional installers ensure this result in several ways:

  1. Laying down efficient drainage

The top and best artificial turf installation in Stockton involves establishing a drainage system before the turf is applied. This eliminates water from the surface, preventing puddles, mildew and mold on your artificial lawn. Synthetic grass experts will help you choose the right drainage backing for your turf installation’s specific purpose.

  1. Smoothing out the surface

One of the most common DIY installation mistakes is failing to create a smooth and even surface. Professional synthetic turf installers know that even the smallest bump can lead to ugly and hazardous wrinkles, bumps and dips on your lawn. To avoid this, they will level out the top layer of the turf with sand and clear the ground completely before laying down the synthetic grass.

  1. Securing joins and edges properly

Another common DIY error is forgetting to secure the edges of the turf properly. Failure to secure fringes with the same artificial grass adhesive used for the rest of the lawn can lead to hazardous curling and fraying at the edges. Not only can it damage the lawn with tears and perforations, but it also increases the likelihood of trips and falls. Expert artificial grass installers know the importance of this step and will remember to check if all edges are fastened properly.

  1. Keeping the turf surface free of reflections

Reflective surfaces can negatively affect artificial grass putting greens in Stockton. Professional installers consider the layout of double-glazed windows and mirrored surfaces to prevent glares and avoid burning or damaging your artificial grass during hot days. They may also suggest covering up all reflective surfaces before the project even begins.

  1. Using the right tools and equipment

Experienced synthetic turf installers already have the necessary tools and equipment to fit artificial grass. This includes ground levelers, trucks to haul away soil and debris, staples and all other accessories that are crucial to quality installation. Missing just one piece of equipment can cost you time and money, not to mention the long-term effect of poor turf installation.

Trust the Experts for Synthetic Turf Installation Success

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