While living in condominiums are convenient, it lacks a few amenities only a house can provide —like a yard. Fortunately, apartment dwellers don’t have to miss out on all the benefits that come with having a backyard. If you have a balcony, artificial turf installation in Stockton can help you turn it into a mini lawn where you can enjoy the outdoors, entertain guests, set up a garden and more!

Why Artificial Grass Is Ideal for High-Rise Balconies

Synthetic turf is an excellent material for apartment units thanks to the following qualities:

• It’s lightweight.

Since terraces and balconies are not designed to support the heavy weight of a natural lawn, artificial turf offers an excellent alternative to the real thing.

• It’s pet-friendly.

Artificial grass for dogs in Stockton is a great choice for pet owners who live in condominiums. It provides an accessible potty area for dogs, and it’s easy to clean up. Dogs can enjoy the realistic feel of pet turf, and it’s tough enough to resist damage from hours of play.

• It’s easy to maintain.

Artificial grass doesn’t need mowing, cutting or watering. This reduces the work for apartment owners who may not have the time or tools for traditional lawn upkeep.

• It’s weather-resistant.

Balconies are constantly exposed to the elements, so its flooring material should be able to withstand the effects of harsh weather. Artificial turf is one such material. It won’t fade or sustain damage even when exposed to heat, cold or rain.

• It doesn’t raise the temperature of the space.

With the limited square footage of condominiums, using the wrong type of groundcover material can make it feel hot and stuffy. Fortunately, artificial turf installation in Stockton takes this into consideration. Professional installers will help you select turf products that won’t retain heat but will help insulate the area for a more energy-efficient space.

• It’s looks and feels like natural grass.

High-quality artificial grass comes in a wide range of shades, pile height and thickness that makes it almost indistinguishable from the real thing. You can choose a turf type that mimics the look of a natural lawn or combine different shades to pull off whimsical designs.

5 Tips for Using Synthetic Turf for Your Apartment Balcony

Expand your living space and create an outdoor sanctuary using artificial grass! Jumpstart your project with these smart tips:

  1. Cover just one area with turf and leave the rest bare so that you can benefit from both of your flooring materials.
  2. Add some plants and flowers to create a small garden.
  3. Consider covering the balcony walls with artificial turf to increase visual interest.
  4. Bring out a few outdoor furniture to extend your living and entertaining area.
  5. Construct a dog run in one corner of your balcony just for your pet.

Stockton Artificial Grass: Your Synthetic Turf Experts

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