When calculating artificial turf installation cost in Stockton for your pool area, it’s important to factor in how it will transform your pool experience. Your pool surround material should offer a secure walking area, a cool place for lounging, and also fit in well with the landscape — all of which are qualities of synthetic turf.

Using Artificial Grass around the Pool Area

The material you use for your pool surround has a huge impact on how safe and comfortable your pool experience will be. Compared to common choices like concrete and real grass, there are benefits that only the best synthetic grass in Stockton can offer:

  • Free-Draining

Artificial grass can handle gallons of pool water thanks to its efficient perforated backing. It’s capable of draining around 52 liters of pool water a minute, which means you won’t have to pay for an extra drainage system like you would with a concrete pool deck.

  • Non-Slip

Since you’ll have people walking and running barefoot by your pool, you need a surface that won’t get slippery when damp or wet. Reduce the risk of injury by installing non-slip synthetic turf around your backyard pool. In addition, artificial grass creates a much softer surface for pool users, minimizing scrapes when they haul themselves out of the water and reducing bruises if they ever fall.

  • Non-Toxic

Pesticides, weed killers, and chemical fertilizers typically used to treat real grass can leech into the water and contaminate your pool. In contrast, high-quality artificial turf does not contain harmful substances. It undergoes independent testing before production to ensure it’s safe and chemical-free.

  • Durable

In considering the true value of artificial turf installation cost in Stockton, it is significant to measure the turf’s resilience to elements. Your pool surround should be able to withstand a high amount of foot traffic, support heavy pool furniture and grilling equipment without compromising its function and looks. Synthetic grass fibers are designed to be incredibly hard wearing, enabling it to recover instantly from impact and pressure.

  • Evergreen

Over time, the color of natural grass and paving will fade due to the elements and exposure to pool maintenance chemicals. These materials are also vulnerable to weed growth, moss, lichen, and mold, which means you might eventually have an eyesore on your hands.

Fortunately, since it’s designed to withstand outdoor conditions with ease, you can expect artificial grass to retain its vibrant green shade for many years.

  • Low-Maintenance

If you want more time to enjoy your pool and less time worrying about its upkeep, then artificial grass is a fantastic choice. Its maintenance requirements are just a fraction of what real grass demands. You won’t need to mow, cut, or water synthetic turf. You can also forget about jet washing it to make sure it doesn’t discolor or turn green like concrete paving. 

Maintaining synthetic grass is simple. You just need to fluff it up with a brush from time to time, rinse it with water to remove dirt, pick up debris from its surface, and you’ve got a pristine pool surround that stays clean and attractive all the time.

Discover More Amazing Uses for Artificial Grass in Stockton

Aside from being an excellent material for pool surrounds, synthetic turf is also great for backyard putting greens, playgrounds, décor, and many other applications including pet-friendly artificial grass for dogs in Stockton. Call your premier artificial grass installer, Stockton Artificial Grass, at 408-723-4954 and learn more about the unique advantages of synthetic turf!