Installing artificial putting greens in Stockton does not only allow you to practice your golf game in the comfort of your home. It also reduces your carbon footprint. While golf greens often get misplaced flak for their material sport-specific purpose, they are actually more eco-friendly than their natural counterparts. Give back to the environment when you invest in a backyard putting green!

Eco-Friendly Benefits of Synthetic Putting Greens

While natural grass courses are common, more and more establishments are turning to synthetic putting greens for their golf amenities. In fact, many professional golfers endorse them, affirming that they provide the same ball roll and holding qualities that competition-level golfing greens have.

Aside from their game-enhancing qualities, artificial turf also has a ton of environmental benefits! Here’s why synthetic putting greens are an eco-friendly addition to your home:

• They do not need intensive upkeep.

Unlike natural turf, artificial grass in Stockton maintains the same height and form indefinitely. Expect the putting green and fringe grass to remain pristine after your short game practice sessions. This will allow you to save time on grass trimming, as well as cut your maintenance-related electricity and gas expenses.

• They last for up to 15 years.

A natural putting green loses its luster quickly, especially if you play on it often. It would take intensive care and costly annual overhauls to keep a competition-level personal course. Synthetic turf lasts much longer and costs less in the long run. Both its putting green and fringe turf have up to 15 years of warranty. You can enjoy the setup for a while and reduce your household’s overall carbon footprint.

• They are made of recycled plastic.

A common misconception about synthetic grass in Stockton is that it’s harmful to the environment. It’s not. In fact, artificial turf is made from recycled plastics right here in the USA. By transforming these old materials, synthetic grass manufacturers help reduce the amount of non-biodegradables in landfills.

• They cut down water bills.

Over a thousand gallons of water are used every year to keep putting greens and other natural landscapes lush and green. You won’t add to this staggering figure with an artificial putting green. Save water and play on a surface that always looks vibrant when you invest in a synthetic backyard green!

• They eliminate commute costs to golf ranges.

With an artificial golf course, you no longer need to drive to the country club or the drivinging range to practice your short game. Synthetic greens perfectly mimic their counterparts at these places. Add one to your home to master your swings at your convenience and save on travel money and gas!

Craft Your Own Golfing Paradise!

For high-quality golfing greens that are durable, eco-friendly and easy to maintain, count on Stockton Artificial Grass. We are the most trusted installers of synthetic grass landscapes and putting greens in Stockton. Our installations provide the following benefits:

  • Grass that looks and feels like the real thing
  • Non-allergenic and non-toxic landscapes
  • Dirt-free backyards, patios and front lawns
  • Highly effective proprietary drainage
  • And more!

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