Love it or hate it, staying in is the new norm. As a result, Californians now have higher expectations for their outdoor living areas— they should be as beautiful and functional as their home’s interiors, if not more. Don’t be afraid to have bigger dreams for your backyard! With artificial grass in Stockton, you can design an outdoor living space that looks and feels like the ultimate getaway.

Sensational Outdoor Living Ideas Using Artificial Grass

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could step out the door straight into a mini vacation? Imagine lounging in an outdoor bar, relaxing in a private yoga retreat and enjoying summer vibes all year long but without having to leave your home.

With artificial turf installation in Stockton, you don’t even have to wait for the grass to grow. Decide on a design, call expert installers and let them do their artificial grass magic!

But first things first: get inspiration from some the hottest outdoor living design trends today:

    • Anchor Your Backyard Design on Experience


      Genuine outdoor living involves more than just a table and benches in one corner of your yard. Instead of approaching turf installation based on aesthetics alone, focus on the experience you want instead.


      Dreaming of unwinding by a poolside cabana or throwing big BBQ parties for the neighborhood? Maybe you want a secret garden reading nook, meditation space or an outdoor yoga studio. Installers can shape synthetic grass in Stockton to accommodate whatever experience you have in mind.


    • Thoughtfully Incorporate Biophilic Design with Artificial Grass


      The word “biophilia” means “love of nature,” and that’s the inspiration behind the biophilic trend in landscaping. In terms of outdoor areas, this approach is all about the meaningful inclusion of natural elements.


      Live grass may seem like the obvious choice for this design. Unfortunately, real grass is already difficult to care for under normal circumstances. Using it for biophilic décor like green walls can be tedious and frustrating.


      Artificial grass in Stockton offers a fantastic compromise. It looks like real grass, but without its demanding maintenance requirements. You can incorporate it with most materials, which makes it easy to achieve biophilic designs like turf-covered wooden trellises and green decks with natural wood finishes.


      For this design, play with material contrasts for your outdoor living space – think soft, green turf between cement pavers and smooth porcelain integrated into the synthetic lawn itself.


    • Infuse Your Outdoor Living Area with Warm Accents


      Warm, welcoming accents are not just for interior living spaces anymore. Softer shades of green, orange, yellow and pinks are returning to outdoor living décor.


      Adding warm tones to outdoor living spaces is an excellent way to brighten up the ambiance. This has a positive influence on mental and emotional health, especially if you’ve been stuck in the house for any reason.


      While the vibrant green shades of synthetic grass in Stockton complement most color schemes, it makes warm hues come alive in particular. Moderation is key – for instance, keep warm tones as pops of color in outdoor furniture and decorative lighting to make it stand out without being overly bright.


Synthetic Grass: Making Outdoor Living Spaces Feel Like Home

Most backyards are treated as an afterthought. One reason is how hard it is to care for real grass. Even if you’re not spending more time at home than usual, it’s still a good idea to invest in your outdoor space using synthetic turf.

Not only does it allow you to explore more design and décor options, but turf also simplifies lawn care. Looking for other ways to maximize your outdoor living area? Call Stockton Artificial Grass today at 408-723-4954!