Hardscape refers to bricks, pavers, granite, fieldstone, cobblestone and other hard materials that are used in landscaping. It can be essential or ornamental, depending on how it’s used. However, too much hardscape can make backyards look cold and bare. Looking for ways to soften the effect of hardscape on your lawn? Try these ideas using artificial grass in Stockton!

5 Ways to Mix Hardscape and Artificial Grass

In conjunction with hardscape, softscape refers to the horticultural components of a landscape, such as trees and plants. Artificial grass falls under this category because of its lifelike looks and texture.

In addition, synthetic turf is a breeze to maintain and isn’t dependent on water, sunlight and fertile soil, so it’s easier to use with hardscapes compared to living vegetation. You can use it to:

1. Beautify pathways.


Pathways with spaces like pavers and garden stepping stones can benefit from a little green between their gaps. Most homeowners avoid this landscaping look because it’s a struggle to maintain with live turf. In contrast, installers can easily use Stockton synthetic grass to add a lush, green border to backyard pathways.

2. Soften driveways.


The driveway is probably one of the most hardscape-heavy locations in your home. Make yours more inviting with synthetic turf! Use it to border your drive, emulate a grid pattern or create a strip design.

3. Frame plants and trees that are tucked in hardscape.


Using planters and confining trees to hardscape (similar to the way trees are contained in city sidewalks) can make a landscape look rigid.

Instead of using hardscape alone to section off your garden, use artificial grass in Stockton instead. Doing so creates a more cohesive, natural aesthetic for your entire yard.

4. Upgrade swimming pool areas.


Give pool users a safer and more beautiful place to relax on when you integrate synthetic turf into poolside areas. Artificial grass doesn’t just offset pool hardscape beautifully. It also reduces the risk of slips and falls and gives pool users a softer surface to walk on. You can use it as a complete pool surround or integrate between paving and walkways.

5. Artificial Grass complement water features.


Ponds, fountains and other water features are standout landscaping elements. However, they can look out of place in most outdoor settings.

Make them look like a natural part of your setup with an artificial turf installation in Stockton. Surrounding them with lush, vibrant synthetic turf will not only help them blend better with your landscape, but it’ll also accentuate their features.


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