Excellent artificial grass in Stockton looks and feels like the real thing. It comes in a wide variety of realistic shapes, colors and sizes, making it the perfect, evergreen covering for indoor and outdoor landscapes. It’s also a great, low-maintenance alternative to natural grass.

Switch to high-quality synthetic turf, and you can take watering, fertilizing, weeding, pest control and mowing off your lawn upkeep to-do list. You just need to follow these maintenance tips to keep your artificial grass in top condition.

Essential Upkeep Tips for Synthetic Grass

While artificial grass doesn’t need most of the costly, tedious and time-consuming tasks that its natural counterpart demands, it does require occasional maintenance. Integrate these tips into your lawn upkeep routine to keep your synthetic turf looking and feeling good:

  • Keep it clean and debris-free.

Synthetic turf, especially those that are installed outdoors, can accumulate dirt, dust and debris over time. Don’t give them a chance to pile up your grass. Sweep fallen leaves, branches and other trash off its surface with a broom, leaf blower or garden vacuum. Don’t use a rake to avoid damaging the turf. Do this at least once a week.

  • Brush the grass blades frequently.

Even the sturdiest artificial grass blades need help staying upright over time. Brush yours frequently to keep it looking fresh and natural. A stiff brush with synthetic bristles that are at least five inches long is the ideal tool for this job. Be gentle but thorough to get rid of the dust, dirt and small debris that are lodged deep in your turf.

  • Rinse it with water regularly.

Rinsing your synthetic turf is a thorough and refreshing way to eliminate dirt, debris and other waste. Use a hose to cover a large area in a short period. Apply a mix of water and detergent on dirty and smelly spots, let the turf soak the solution for a while, then rinse the area thoroughly. Don’t worry about creating unsightly puddles. High-quality artificial grass and putting greens in Stockton all come with an efficient drainage system.

  • Clean up stains immediately.

Don’t give spills a chance to soak and stain your turf. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time getting rid of their traces completely.

Mix a household detergent with water for spills made from everyday substances like coffee, tea, alcohol and urine. Replace the soap with a 3% ammonia solution for stains that are more difficult to remove. For substances that leave stubborn stains, such as cooking oil, grease and motor oil, use mineral spirits.

  • Clean up after your pets

While pet-friendly artificial grass for dogs in Stockton pet-proofs your grounds adequately, that doesn’t mean that you can put off cleaning up after your canine companion. Let urine drain into your turf, then rinse the area with a soap and water solution. Give moist muck a chance to dry before you remove it. Apply a soap and water solution to the affected area as well to get rid of lingering odors.

  • Use weed control solutions.

Although artificial grass is weed-resistant, persistent weeds can still grow on its edges. Keep your turf weed-free by using weedicides frequently. This will not only keep weeds from sprouting near or in your synthetic turf, but it will also keep them from growing throughout your grounds for an extended period.

Invest in Excellent Artificial Grass in Stockton!

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