Even the best synthetic grass in Stockton can accumulate leaves, debris and weeds. Don’t give them a chance to pile up, burrow into and damage your turf. Conduct regular cleanups to maintain the pristine nature of your artificial grass. With some simple household items and careful observation, you can keep your lawn looking as fresh as the day you had it installed!

Cleaning Leaves off Artificial Grass

Leaves and twigs can gather on your lawn every now and then, especially during the autumn season. While these wastes do not harm the turf, their presence can encourage the growth of weeds. That is why your periodic turf maintenance must include their removal.

Clearing off debris from the best synthetic grass in Stockton is easy if you’re using the right equipment for the job. Here are the tools that you should or shouldn’t use in removing fallen leaves and other natural rubbish from your artificial lawn:

What to use:

  • Leaf Blower

Also known as a power blower, the leaf blower can blow off leaves, twigs and other light debris from your artificial turf. It can be configured to emit the right amount and intensity of air to clean your lawn without damaging its grass blades.

  • Vacuum Cleaner

Don’t have a leaf blower? You can use a vacuum cleaner instead. It can efficiently get rid of leaves by storing them into its storage bag. You can then unload the leaves easily into a trash bin after vacuuming.

  • Stiff Broom

A stiff broom can sweep debris off the turf efficiently. Use it with a dustpan, and you’ll rid your lawn of leaves and other natural rubbish in no time. A stiff broom can also help grass blades stay upright.

What to avoid using:

  • Metal Rake

Steer clear of anything metal-ended when tending to your artificial grass. The unforgiving material can damage your turf’s synthetic fibers. If you want to use a rake to clean up your lawn, invest in one with nylon or synthetic tines.

Removing Weeds from Synthetic Turf

Your troubles with weeds do not instantly end after your artificial turf installation in Stockton. Weeds can creep in and around the perimeter of the turf when nothing is done to impede their growth. If this happens, you can remove them by hand, with a stiff broom, a power brush, or a vacuum.

To prevent the growth of invasive plants, use a water-based weed killer for the lawn. This type of herbicide should be applied twice a year. Investing in weed-free sand infill also helps. Consult with a synthetic turf installer or your local lawn specialist to determine which solution works best for the turf.

Maintain the Pristine Quality of Your Artificial Turf!

Low-maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance. Every now and then, check on your turf, and keep it clear of debris using the tips we’ve given you.

Once you’ve cleaned your synthetic turf, take time to enjoy how Stockton Artificial Grass’ installation gives your lawn a grandiose feel. We elevate every home lawn’s appearance with our innovative landscapes. Our artificial grass has the following characteristics:

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Designed to mimic the look and feel of real grass
  • Non-allergenic and non-toxic
  • Best-in-class proprietary drainage
  • Backed by up to 15 years warranty

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