Achieving a picture-perfect lawn with natural grass is not easy. Those who attempt to build lawns out of real turf have their work cut out for them. They have to get to know their land, figure out the best way to maximize it, and keep their turf healthy with lawn care solutions. Fortunately, there’s an option for people who can’t commit to a natural lawn: synthetic grass in Stockton.

The 5 Lawn Care Challenges that Artificial Turf Can Solve

Here are the most persistent problems with maintaining a natural lawn, and how synthetic grass can solve them.

  1. Traffic Damage

This is the reason why “keep off the grass” signs are common in manicured lawns. Traffic damage happens when people and animals trod on turf repeatedly. The pressure damages the grass, dislodges the turf, and makes it difficult for grass to thrive. Traffic damage is common in yards that are used for play. 

How artificial grass solves it:

Synthetic turf is designed to withstand high traffic situations without getting damaged. It’s why artificial grass in Stockton is frequently used to pad indoor and outdoor playground floors.

  1. Pet-related Issues

Owners of natural lawns who have pets often have to deal with these problems:  

• Damaged grass due to traffic and pet waste
• Inconsistent soil content due to pet waste
• Unpleasant odors and puddles due to pet waste
• Turf holes and damaged grass due to digging

How artificial grass solves them:

Synthetic turf is equipped with an efficient drainage system. Any moisture it receives is automatically absorbed and filtered into the soil underneath. The grass is also extremely durable. Pet waste won’t damage it, and persistent paws can’t break or make holes on its surface.

  1. Uneven Grass Growth

This is common in lawns with shadowy spots and uneven terrain. Grass tends to grow in varying lengths. Sometimes grass doesn’t grow at all. You won’t know your lawn is suffering from it until the rest of your yard is covered with thriving green grass.

How artificial grass solves it:

Synthetic turf guarantees consistent, lush green grass throughout the entire yard. It doesn’t matter if the terrain is sloping or littered with holes, artificial turf and putting greens in Stockton will ensure every surface is covered well.

  1. Expensive Maintenance Cost

To grow and maintain a healthy lawn, you need to invest a lot of money in the following:

• Water
• Electricity
• Lawn care equipment
• Soil tests
• Fertilizers
• Herbicides
• Pest control solutions

How artificial grass solves it:
Synthetic turf doesn’t need most of these upkeep essentials to thrive. Since it’s artificial, you only need to keep it clean.

  1. Time-Consuming Upkeep

Maintaining large lawns typically takes several hours each week. The time varies depending on the lawn care tasks of the week, which can include:

• watering
• removing weeds
• trimming/mowing the grass
• applying fertilizer
• spraying herbicides
• conducting soil tests
• applying pest control solutions

How artificial grass solves it:

The only upkeep task a synthetic turf requires is cleanup, which involves rinsing it with water, clearing off debris from its surface, and brushing its blades to keep them standing in high traffic areas. It certainly takes less time to accomplish compared to the tasks necessary with natural grass.

Switch to Synthetic Turf Today!

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