Shrubs and trees play an important role in any well-planned landscape. They expand shade, provide colorful and fragrant foliage, enhance privacy and add a windbreak in case of rough weather. If you’re planning on switching to synthetic grass in Stockton, you may be wondering if you can incorporate live trees and shrubs into the turf. The short answer is yes! Learn more about this aspect of turf landscaping by reading these top five FAQs!

FAQs on Installing Artificial Turf Around Live Plants and Trees

While it’s possible to add plants after installation, it’s best to integrate them into the landscape plan as early as possible. You’ll need to make several decisions, such as whether you’ll keep your existing greeneries or replacing them with new ones. Plan accordingly. Below are the answers to five of the most frequently asked questions regarding this part of artificial turf installation in Stockton:

1. Can synthetic turf be installed around existing plants and trees?

Yes. Artificial grass is very versatile. It can be cut into any shape and size to fit beside or around greeneries. Your installer will take several precautions to make sure that existing plants stay healthy afterward. For instance, they may recommend creating a mulch-covered, non-grass bed around your shrubs to leave breathing space for their roots.

2. Can live plants be planted in synthetic grass?

Yes. If you prefer planting new plants along with your synthetic grass in Stockton, inform your installer as early as possible. They’ll factor in the plants when they plan the turf’s drainage system, edging design and décor to ensure that greeneries will receive adequate sunlight, nutrients and irrigation.

3. What are the best trees and shrubs to plant around synthetic grass?

Go for drought-resistant, native varieties. They thrive well alongside synthetic turf since they need very little water, cutting, pruning and other maintenance. On the other hand, avoid plants that send out rhizomes, such as bamboo. Their roots spread underground, which can eventually break through the turf and damage your artificial yard.

4. Will artificial grass damage tree roots?

It depends on the quality of both the turf and the installation. High-quality synthetic grass in Stockton has a permeable backing that facilitates the flow of oxygen and water. In contrast, subpar turf will sterilize and kill the soil. It’s also prone to trapping heat under the surface. Premium artificial grass protects tree roots against weeds and pests while ensuring that the tree stays healthy and alive.

5. Should you hire a landscaper or an artificial turf installer?

Landscapers are experts on incorporating plant design into backyards. However, not all of them have experience when it comes to working closely with artificial grass. Unfortunately, even the smallest installation mistake can lead to a host of issues, such as flooding and accident-prone slopes in synthetic lawns.

If you’re making a total switch to a synthetic yard, work with professionals that are well-versed in every step of the project. They must know everything, from choosing turf products and accessories to designing drainage systems, determining the right pile heights and integrating live plants and trees.

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