Playing rounds of golf in your very own house is a luxury experience you can look forward to. With residential putting greens in Stockton, you could have a worry-free golf practice anytime. However, an uninspired and dull golfing green may hamper you from enjoying it.

Do’s and Don’ts for Installing Putting Greens in Stockton

Below is a list of do’s and don’ts you must remember when installing your residential putting green to have the best golf experience possible.


• Place it near the house.
You should put the landscape features in areas that you visit most often. If you put it out of the yard, you might not use it. Putting greens have a great social attachment to it that you would be utilizing it more if it were near patios or entertainment areas.

• Put in challenges.
Let’s face it: a one-hole putting green is boring. To make your putting turf more exercise worthy, place some obstacles so that the course appears a bit more complicated. Put in a few mounds, a sand trap, and more holes. Having these extra features will encourage you to improve your game.

• Personalize your green.
Since this is your own putting green, you don’t have to abide by the traditional rules on its appearance and design. Set up flags on your turf with your name on it, or put a personalized sign on its sides. The more personal the course is, the more you will be encouraged to play on it.


⊗ Utilize natural turf.
The reason most putting greens are made of artificial turf is because natural grass is hard to water and mow. This causes more difficulty in maintaining the sand traps, mounds, and other shapes. In addition, artificial grass in Stockton can be tailored for golfing that is PGA-worthy, unlike natural turf which is not as versatile. Synthetic turf can withstand any temperature and is ready for playing.

⊗ Worry about your pets.
Artificial turf can drain accordingly and the mess from your pet can be cleaned easily, compared to natural grass. In addition, synthetic turf can get heat in the sunshine and burn the paws of your pets, so ensure that pets have a shady location when utilizing putting green.

⊗ Disregard lighting for the landscape.
Because of daily activities, family members don’t often come home until it gets dark. Utilize low-voltage landscape lighting for more hours each day so you can utilize it.

Put More Fun into Your Putting Green with Stockton Artificial Grass

A putting green in your yard is a nice attraction for friends and family to enjoy each other’s company. By adding your personal touch and following the guidelines mentioned above, your golfing green is sure to be a hit with everyone!  

For excellent putting greens and synthetic turf designs, Stockton Artificial Grass is the name you can count on. Our experienced and talented team of landscape designers will make sure that you get a seamless installation of putting greens and artificial grass for dogs in Stockton. Contact 209-917-8570 now to get a FREE quote on your design project!